My Podcast Choices

I listen to podcasts when I'm walking, grocery shopping, cooking, or riding the Skytrain. The app I use is Pocket Casts by Shifty Jelly.

Over time, I've sampled many podcasts. The ones I'm currently subscribed to are:

  • Triangulation - Leo Laporte interviews interesting people, mostly from the world of "tech," broadly defined
  • This American Life
  • The Hanselminutes Podcast - Scott Hanselman (a Microsoft employee) interviews someone, typically about something related to software development. I only listen to about half of them.
  • BBC Inside Science - I've sampled many weekly science podcasts and this one stood out as being the best. As the BBC, they can interview anyone, and they're also sticklers for accuracy.
  • Security Now - Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson talk about the latest news in computer security. Steve dives deep deep deep into the intricate details, explaining what things mean right down at the lowest levels (e.g. protocols, machine code, hardware).
  • 99% Invisible - A bit like This American Life, but only one story per episode and each story focuses on the history of some human artifact (e.g. fire escapes, high heel shoes, quatrefoils)
  • Tech Weekly - A tech news podcast from The Guardian. This one stands out for being authoritative and getting the facts straight. Several include a long interview with an innovator.
  • The Web Ahead - An irregular podcast hosted by Jen Simmons. In each episode, she interviews someone about a particular aspect of developing websites and web apps, with a focus on open standards (e.g. HTML, CSS, SVG, WebRTC)
  • RadioLab
  • Destination DIY - Stories about do-it-yourself creativity, hosted by Julie Sabatier.
This post was written by Troy McConaghy